Doctor of Behavioral Health

Innovative Clinical Doctorate Focusing Exclusively on Integrated Health Care

The Doctor of Behavioral Health program aims to address the significant gap between knowledge and practice when it comes to integrating behavioral health into medical care. This degree is highly applicable and valuable for master’s level behavioral health and medical/allied health professionals who see the need for behavioral health integration, and want to lead the sea change towards improving population health, increasing patient and provider satisfaction, and reducing overall costs of healthcare.

With a Doctor of Behavioral Health degree, behavioral health and medical professionals will learn to design and lead integration efforts that demonstrate results for patients, providers, and healthcare organizations. If you believe behavioral health belongs in primary and specialty medical care, that patients benefit greatly from a whole-person approach to treatment, and you want to be part of this necessary improvement in healthcare, look no further. This degree was made for you!

This applied clinical doctorate is 100% online. 

At the Cummings Institute, we believe the following values are critical to our ability to achieve our Mission to educate integrated healthcare professionals to best deliver whole-person healthcare to diverse communities and to improve access to quality healthcare for all people.

  •  Partnership and Collaboration: Work to engage stakeholders, across disciplines, and with respect for others' points of view, to find solutions.
  • People First: We seek to listen, understand, anticipate and respond to the need of others. We build relationships that result in life change.
  • Teamwork: Encourage and support one another. Our major accomplishments are a result of synergy.
  • Trust: When we act with integrity, we build trust in each other and in our partners.
  • Impact: Make a difference in our local and global communities.
  • Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Find a need and fill it.
  • Accountability: Work hard and own up.
  • Access and Diversity: Promote inclusion and fairness.

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The DBH program has opened many doors of opportunity for me. I currently work with several Primary Care Physicians in a large healthcare system. I love working beside physicians and enjoy the respect I have earned because of my training as a DBH. The Biodyne Model fits well into the fast-paced setting of Primary Care and I am proud to be a DBH.

Dr. Teresa S. Harper, DBH MSW, LCSW July 12, 2016

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