Institutional Goals and Objectives

Cummings Graduate Institute has identified the following institutional goals and objectives.

Goal I. Strengthen the Quality of Academic Programs

  • Objective 1. Create an Advisory Board to conduct external academic program review
  • Objective 2. Maintain continuous progress towards institutional accreditation
  • Objective 3. Maintain continuous progress towards full State Licensure

Goal II. Maintain Financial Stability

  • Objective 1. Increase the availability of scholarship funds
  • Objective 2. Stay competitive in tuition and fees
  • Objective 3. Increase enrollment

Goal III. Increase and Enhance the Visibility and Awareness of the Institute

  • Objective 1. Effectively communicate the Institute’s Mission, Vision, and Values to all stakeholders
  • Objective 2. Expand our service to the healthcare community by promoting small business and entrepreneurial initiatives, particularly among rural, reservation, military, and other underserved communities

Strategic Initiatives are evaluated for measurable progress annually in October by the Governing Board.