Dr. Cara English, DBH

CEO and Director of the DBH Program

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Dr. Wendy Boring-Bray, DBH, LPC

Faculty Associate

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Dr. Bobbi Vogelsang, DBH, LCSW

Faculty Associate

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Dr. David Clarke, MD

Faculty Associate

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Dr. Larry Ford, DBH

Faculty Associate

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Dr. Lisa Marie Jones, DBH

Faculty Associate

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Dr. Janet L. Cummings, Psy.D.


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Dr. Gayle Cordes, DBH, LPC, LISAC

Faculty Associate

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Dr. C. Carl Wilson, DBH, LPCC, CADC

Faculty Associate

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Dr. Fanike Olugbala, DBH

Faculty Associate

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Dr. Melissa Johnson, DBH

Faculty Associate

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Esther Pineda, DBH

Faculty Associate

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Dr. Michelle Davis, DBH

Assistant Director of the DBH Program

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Dr. Fred Davis, MD

Faculty Associate

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The “four questions” of the refocused psychotherapist [in the Biodyne Model] and the concept of the “onion/garlic” psychodynamic enabled me to not only conceptualize a case and plan treatment more rapidly, but to rise to a new level of professional confidence in meeting the behavioral care needs of my patients.

Dr. Gayle Cordes, DBH July 12, 2016

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