The 2018 conference will explore examples of how integrated healthcare approaches address pain points in healthcare delivery for patients and providers, and help patients and providers make the gains that are important to them. Topics fall within the following five categories: Care, Collaboration, Cost, Community, & Culture.

Patient-centered models of care that improve operational efficiency and patient health outcomes while reducing overall costs
Effective strategies for working across traditional professional silos
Demonstrating value to stakeholders through return on investment analyses for integration efforts
Strategies and techniques for engaging and empowering communities to work with healthcare organizations to achieve better health for populations
Improving care by acknowledging the complexity of patient needs and aiming to meet those needs by addressing socio-cultural-economical influences on health outcomes



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The “four questions” of the refocused psychotherapist [in the Biodyne Model] and the concept of the “onion/garlic” psychodynamic enabled me to not only conceptualize a case and plan treatment more rapidly, but to rise to a new level of professional confidence in meeting the behavioral care needs of my patients.

Dr. Gayle Cordes, DBH July 12, 2016

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