Glorinda Segay, DBH



Glorinda Segay, DBH

Navajo Department of Health

Dr. Glorinda Segay’s maternal clan is Yellow House People Cliff Dwelling and born for Bitter Water clan. Her maternal grandparents is Water Edge clan and her paternal grandparents is the One-Walks-Around clan. Dr. Segay is originally from Cornfields, Arizona, but was born and raised in Blue Canyon, Arizona. Dr. Segay parents are Gloria M. Segay and the late Francis Segay. Dr. Segay maternal grandparents are the late Billy Jumbo and Pauline (Shorty) Jumbo. Dr. Segay’s late paternal grandparents are Lucy Nez Segay and Ned Segay.  Dr. Segay graduated from Window Rock High School in 1997. She received two undergraduate degrees from the University of New Mexico. She obtained her Master’s Degree from Western New Mexico University. Later she graduated from Arizona State University with a Doctorate in Behavioral Health (DBH). She completed 4 years of residency at Chinle Comprehensive Health Care Facility in the Adult Primary Care Clinic. Her resident was with Dr. Stephan Flynn and Krista Haven and she was trained for integrated behavioral health care. Dr. Segay resides in mountainous beautiful terrain of Blue Canyon, Arizona. She enjoys reading, spending time with family, and learning.


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The “four questions” of the refocused psychotherapist [in the Biodyne Model] and the concept of the “onion/garlic” psychodynamic enabled me to not only conceptualize a case and plan treatment more rapidly, but to rise to a new level of professional confidence in meeting the behavioral care needs of my patients.

Dr. Gayle Cordes, DBH July 12, 2016

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